• Htc Evo Drivers For Mac

    Htc Evo Drivers For Mac

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    With my original HTC EVO, my IMac recognized it as a USB drive. I could drag and drop photos from my phone to the computer. Tried it with my new HTC EVO 4G LTE. No way to do it. Sprint tech support checked thoroughly and found only way would be to put phone's SD card in a card reader and attach to the IMac. After one attempt at opening the back of the phone, I decided I could damage the phone if I did this once every one or two weeks. Hot 20/50pcs replacing repairing bottom case screw for mac pro. Is there anyway to make the IMac recognize my phone as a USB drive?

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    HTC U12+ USB Drivers for Mac. Connecting HTC U12+’s internal storage is relatively easier on macOS / Mac OS X. If you have been a Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy or Nexus user on a Mac previously, then setting up the HTC U12+ should be no different for you.


    Applecare plus for mac. Is this an Ice Cream Sandwich software flaw? Or is it the HTV EV 4G LTE? All help welcome thanks.

    Htc Evo Drivers For Mac